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Massimo and his team provided me with not just a default template but a tailor-suited engine for my company website, he knows what solution to pick up and why, right what I need from a professional.

July 23, 2008 - Fabrizio Bartoloni - Hanami Solutions

We make application better than... (others)
(Simple solutions work better!!!)

Pragmas is a team with high experience in the software applications development field.
We love our job and we can plan best development strategies for your business to make you save time and money.

We believe in customer satisfaction, that is perhaps our highest expectation.


Our software are developed along most modern guidelines when it comes to functionality and user-friendliness, providing a product easy to use while retaining power and compliance with required features.

One of our targets is technical research and its everlasting progress to be able to provide solutions matching our customer needs.

Our attention is focused on the choice of open source software, it has been widely demonstrated to be stable, safe and fast in problem solving.

web applications

We project web applications with special care, since initial phases where graphic layouts are defined, to interaction procedures, until planning of system's core.

We look for solutions matching easiness of use to required power.

From the simple website to the true application our choices are always scalable and modular.

Accessibility, usability and standards compliance are at the heart of our operations.


We create work prototypes in clear and readable code making life easier to future mantainers.


We project databases both on paper and code exploiting best possibilities of open source relational database engines: Postgres, MySql, Firebird, Sqlite


Music, Photography, Video, we've got a past in music, art and photography. To us this is more a hobby than a job, products are made with passion, we do not lack contacts to achieve results of the highest professionality.

consultancy and training

We're glad to share our information, faithful to the open source spirit. We've got no secrets and we believe that sharing knowledge is fundamental for the flourishing of the IT culture.

Pragmas s.n.c. Perugia ( Italy )
VAT number: 02660460540

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